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Stakeholder meetings with the BPC commenced to discuss the Marine Spatial Planning of the Maldives

This press release originally appeared on the Maldivian government website:

The Blue Prosperity Coalition and relevant government officials have participated in stakeholder meetings to discuss the joint collaboration of Marine Spatial Planning in the Maldives. The Blue Prosperity Coalition is a network of global experts dedicated to safeguarding our marine environment as well as to design and implement a marine spatial plan for the optimal allocation of our ocean’s resources for ecosystem health, improved livelihood and economic growth.

The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding was a sideline event at the 74th Annual Session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA). The focal point of the implementation of the programs under the MoU is assigned to the Maldives Marine Research Institute. The stakeholder meetings will be held until the 17th of this month, with various related agencies attending the proceedings. The main objective of the meeting is to formulate the scientific data required for the marine spatial planning around the needs of the Maldives. With the scientific data, marine scientific research will be able to better formulate the implementation of the necessary measures for sustainable ocean governance as well as to allocate 20 per cent of the Maldivian waters as protected areas.

The joint collaborative scientific program between the Blue Prosperity Coalition and the Maldives Marine Research Institute will conduct a survey of the Maldivian reefs between January and February of 2020. For the first time in our history, this joint project will also be launching an expedition to survey the marine life of the Maldives.

We are looking forward to working together with the Blue Prosperity Coalition to develop the marine scientific research sector of the Maldives.

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